Goal Driven Counseling


Seeking help, support, and resources can be a very scary process with extreme feelings of vulnerability and even intimidation. For some, it can be a relief to finally unveil the hidden source that is causing overwhelming stress. Whatever place you find yourself, you are brave and courageous to seek help, and we are genuinely glad you are here.

The desire within you that wants and needs to feel better is an internal goal you desperately want to achieve; but somehow, you’ve felt lost on how to get there. We’ll help you feel more equipped to handle life’s challenges, and encourage you to work through what has you feeling emotionally stuck. It’s time to remove the mask and not just look like you have it all together, but truly be secure, confident, and feel in control.

Ready to Take the Wheel?


To support individuals with navigating challenging education, career, and life transitions through secure video conferencing.

Goal Driven Counseling accomplishes its mission by integrating technology with quality evidence-based approaches. We become fully engaged in improving your mental health by meeting you where you are, emotionally and geographically. All while empowering you to…


GDC RoadMap

  • Respect

    for you as the driver and expert of your life

  • Education

    on how to check your engine and become equipped with practical and realistic tools to handle life’s challenges

  • Guidance

    as you learn to shift gears and work through feelings that keep you from moving forward

  • Support

    as you align with the desires of your heart

  • Encouragement

    as you navigate this journey to truly feel your best

***Roadmap is intended to be a guide and sequence is individualized per session